Hey, and welcome to kohost.co.uk. We're a new hosting company on the scene, currently in the process of coding this entire hosting system! Who knows? We might even make it OpenSource later on. We're just like that

At any rate, because this is still in development, we're happy to offer killer prices to whoever's up for trying us and while we ask for patience, we're okay giving refunds if you're having trouble.

So go on and check things out on the left why don't you. We aim to please

Being the new kids on the block, we're pretty much making it up as we go along. Now, sure, we'll have some things based on traditional web host design, but there are going to be a few things you won't recognise.

When we get round to it, we'll try create comprehensive guides for various things, but for now, we'll just tell you some of the things you might not otherwise get: